Fix: ClockworkMod Recovery MD5 mismatch

Hello all, i was trying to restore my backup of the system image which is about 6 months older via ClockworkMod Recovery. But i got a error which says something like:

MD5 mismatch!

Then after searching over the internet i found out the solution to this. Hope this might be useful to you.

Solving the problem

In the backup image folder you will see several files including nandroid.md5. Open this file with text editor such as vim or any of your favorite editor.

Delete the content of the file and make it empty. Optionally if you have any problem editing the file and simply delete this file and make a new file with same name(nandroid.md5) and keep this in the back image folder.

So, by deleting the content of this file i was able to fix the problem. Hope you will be able to solve the problem with this method.

“Constitution of Nepal” Android App

It’s been so great to feel that the Constitution of Nepal has finally arrived. Congratulations to all the Nepalese. May this Constitution brings peace, prosperity and rapid development in the country is the wish of all the Nepalese.

On this occasion with the intention of easy distribution of Constitution and making available of Constitution in the hand of all the people, i have developed an Android app to read the Constitution.

It is available on Google Play

Download Constitution of Nepal.

Move to Next Activity in AndEngine (Android)

I was developing the game using AndEngine. I had two activity Welcome screen( and Game Screen( when user clicks on Start button in Welcome Screen he should be moved to next activity.

I end up with the following code. You can also use the following code to change the activity in AndEngine.

Place this code somewhere on suitable event such as onClick() event after which you want to change the activity.

Welcome.this.startActivity(new Intent(Welcome.this, Game.class));

Change the class name to yours and fix the import Error that will occur.

And finally add this code in AndroidManifest.xml before </application>

<activity android:name="com.example.myGame.Game"> </activity>

Don’t forget to change your package name and Class name.