13 thoughts on “Clean Black WordPress Theme”

  1. Hi there, I appreciate the Clean Black theme – I’m still searching how to change the menu font colour (looked into stylesheet and didn’t succeed).


    1. Find the following code and Change the color. Also change in (navbar li a ) and (#nav li li a, #nav li li a:link, #nav li li a:visited).

      #navbar {
      max-width: 960px;
      background: #000000;
      width: 100%;
      height: 35px;
      font-size: 14px;
      color: #66D9EF;
      margin: 0px auto 0px;
      padding: 0px;


  2. Hi there! is it possible not to have ‘Protected’ on a page unlocked with the correct password? Thanks!


  3. I love this theme, but on the front page, the posts show with no formatting, such as blank lines between paragraphs. These are fine on the post pages. Is there any way to “fix” this? This is the best theme like this that I can find… Thanks.


  4. I must add to everyone elses comments about how great the theme is. We are a MC club and it fits our colors perfectly.
    My question is how do I widen and move the header to the top of each page and the nav bar underneath? Thanks for your time!


  5. Love this theme but want to make the category font a different color, if possible. Where is code in CSS, please? P.S.: Really like your cool Star Wars header, as well.


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