Beautiful Social Widget – WordPress Plugin

Beautiful Social Widget is WordPress plugins which is useful to link to your social media profiles. This plugins adds the widget in your blog. This plugin supports Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked In, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Rss and Email Me.
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Recover deleted data from ntfs file system in Ubuntu

I deleted the archive file which contains important images. And i thought it was gone forever, i did not had any backup too. But i was able to restore the deleted archive file using NtfsUndelete.

It was good that i had archived the photos so it was easy to restore. I was using Ubuntu and i deleted the files that was from another drive which is using Ntfs file system. So, i will explain how i was able to recover my files. Continue reading “Recover deleted data from ntfs file system in Ubuntu”

How to remove launcher icon from Gnome launcher Bar

Because i am not a big fan of Ubuntu’s Unity, i am using Gnome desktop environment in Ubuntu 13.10. I have a shortcut for Chromium, Firefox etc in the Gnome launcher.

remove gnome launcher

But when i tried to remove the launcher from there. I was not able to remove, when i right click on the icon i only saw Launch and Properties option.

Then finally i was able to remove it. To remove the icon from Gnome launcher just hold on Windows + Alt key then right click on the launcher icon. Now you will see Move and Remove from Panel option.

Click on Remove from the Panel then remove the launcher which you do not prefer to keep.