Clean Black WordPress Theme

Clean Black is a free WordPress theme. It is black and responsive theme which is easy to customize.

Tags : Responsive, 2 column, Right sidebar, Black, Clean Design.
Clean Black WordPress Screenshot

Download: Clean Black WordPress theme

Theme Update:
* (22, Jan 2014) From version 1.4 you can show either full post or summary in your Home page and Archive pages.

Customizing Theme

You can show Blog title and description in the header also you can show the image in the header(size 960*150).

Favicon Icon
Upload the Favicon icon to your host and then paste the URL in theme options page.

Search Box
You can add search box in the sidebar from Widgets panel.

Post thumbnail
You can show post thumbnail for posts in home page, archive page. You can also disable it. And remember that you must set the featured image for the post to appear the thumbnail.

To show page navigation in your theme just install Wp-PageNavi plugin.

4 thoughts on “Clean Black WordPress Theme

  1. Hi there, I appreciate the Clean Black theme – I’m still searching how to change the menu font colour (looked into stylesheet and didn’t succeed).

    1. Find the following code and Change the color. Also change in (navbar li a ) and (#nav li li a, #nav li li a:link, #nav li li a:visited).

      #navbar {
      max-width: 960px;
      background: #000000;
      width: 100%;
      height: 35px;
      font-size: 14px;
      color: #66D9EF;
      margin: 0px auto 0px;
      padding: 0px;

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